A friend of mine, let's call her Becky, recently announced that she's 5 weeks pregnant and that she and her husband "only had to do it five times" before she got pregnant. In the room at the time were six women who know each other reasonably well. Two of the women struggle with infertility. Another woman recently miscarried at 15 weeks. Becky's first child was conceived by accident before she married his father; he was born prematurely with several birth defects, one of which required surgical intervention. The kid is okay now, but requires some monitoring and expensive medications. Anyway, here's why I'm posting... I cannot process Becky's announcement. I cannot decide if I think she's stupid or arrogant or just over-excited and not thinking. Who announces at 5 weeks? Who brags about their fertility in front of people who are struggling to conceive? It's been DAYS since this happened and it just keeps running through my mind.